• Fall 2015 Practice schedule

                          2015         Fall League            Practice         Schedule   ... More

    RICHMOND GIRLS SOFTBALL RULE BOOK-2015 Edition  Richmond Girls Softball will follow all ASA rules except for league specific rules as outlined in Richmond Girls Softball Rule Book.          1.  Time-Limit ... More
  • Weather Policy

                                                  Weather Policy   Richmond Girls Softball is very limited authority as to control of games when inclimate weather hits.  It is the policy of the field maintenanc... More
  • Coaches Code of Conduct

    Richmond Girls Softball Coaches Code of Conduct Preface We, in the Richmond Girls Softball League, believe that athletic competition should be fun but that it must also be a sign... More
  • 3 Strike Policy

    3 Stike Policy   It is the purpose of Richmond Girls Softball to provide the best possible facilities, amenities, and atmosphere to the entire youth softball community for their enjoyment and opportunity to... More
  • RGS Rules

    RGS Rules